Message & Seminar Topics


Dr. Brent Strawsburg is Apologetics Consultant for Pacific Church Network and President of “Brent Strawsburg Apologetics” specializing in making apologetics relevant for the church. The goal of every apologetic talk is to make the talk accessible and practical for every single person in attendance. Brent’s mission is “Using Christian Apologetics to Shape Culture, Strengthen Faith & Empower Witness”.

Dr Brent pastored two churches for the past 30+ years where he utilized apologetics at every level within the church—college campus, equipping & outreach and preaching on apologetic topics from the pulpit. He received a Master of Divinity from Talbot School of Theology, Master in Christian Apologetics from Biola University and a Doctor of Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Strawsburg has studied with some of the sharpest minds in America and can teach apologetics in a way that is accessible to everyone in the church. He recently released his first book entitled Footprints of Faith: Defending the Christian Faith in a Secular Culture.

The following are some of the topics that Dr. Strawsburg is able to address within the local church:

“HOW TO DISARM YOUR DOUBTS” We all have faced doubt at some time in our lives. Although we live at a time when we may have more doubts than ever before, it’s a topic that is rarely addressed in the church. This message identifies the four different kinds of doubt and how to respond to each. It also discusses the importance of striking a balance between faith and reason. Finally, the message provides four practical ways that a Christian can disarm doubt.

“WHY DOES GOD ALLOW EVIL & SUFFERING?” This session addresses the single greatest issue that skeptics raise toward the Christian faith and our belief in God. It provides practical tools for the Christian to answer the many questions that skeptics ask in relationship to why an all-powerful & all-good God would allow so much evil & suffering in the world. In addition, this seminar provides practical answers for the many very difficult questions that Christians & un-Christians ask when they see all the pain, suffering & evil in the world.

“WHERE IS GOD WHEN IT HURTS?” This message is designed to help the Christian navigate through the trials of life. God has specific reasons why He allows us to face difficulties. Although we may never find out exactly why something is happening to us, it is vital that we never forget that God has a purpose for this season in our life. The Lord has left us footprints of His faithfulness, scattered throughout the Word of God. They are lovingly left behind to remind us, “I am with you!" What more could we need? This message looks at five specific reasons for why God allows trials into the lives of Christians.

“BUILDING A BRIDGE TO CULTURE” This message is designed to give Christians the tools to build a bridge to family and friends who have embraced our skeptical culture and worldview. This message explains the three primary pillars on which everything in our secular culture is based on in terms that are very easy to understand. The message provides easy talking points for Christians to connect with a culture that believes that morals are relative and that truth is relative! Brent’s approach is practical and eye-opening—God has placed us in our culture so that we connect. It’s the calling of our generation!

“HOW CAN FAITH SURVIVE A RELATIVISTIC CULTURE?” This seminar is designed to give Christians the tools to address the twin realities of relativity truth & relative morality. This seminar begins by explaining the one foundational reality that governs our secular culture—the fact/opinion divide! After laying this foundation, the seminar will focus on the three primary pillars on which everything in our secular culture is focused. The remainder of the seminar provides easy talking points for Christians to connect with a culture that believes that morals are relative and that truth is relative! Brent’s approach is practical and eye-opening—God has placed us in our culture so that we connect. This seminar helps the Christian to begin to have effective dialogue with family and friends outside the church and outside the faith.

“IS BELIEF IN GOD REASONABLE?” We live in a culture where people believe that faith is irrational or that only science can give us proof of what is true—everything else is just an opinion! This seminar provides effective reasons for why we believe in God. This seminar will provide helpful ways to deflect the most often used talking points that “faith is irrational” and “faith requires certainty”. After laying this foundation the seminar will share 5 compelling reasons for the reasonableness of believing in God—each of these reasons will be shared in an easy-to-understand format with the goal that a Christian can begin a dialogue with their unchurched friends.

“CAN YOU TRUST THE BIBLE?” Most skeptics don’t even begin to consider the claims of Christianity for a simple reason! They don’t believe you can trust the Bible. They claim that the Bible is full of legends, written by people who were never eyewitnesses to the events. They believe that the Bible is full of errors—hardly the kind of document that a person can trust. Unfortunately, most Christians are not prepared to answer these important questions in a way that a skeptic can visually understand. There is enough evidence—beyond a reasonable doubt—that the gospel accounts were written by eyewitnesses and that the Bible is trustworthy and reliable. This seminar will not overwhelm you with information—it will communicate the evidence in a simple, yet powerful fashion.

“IS JESUS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD?” Most Christians firmly believe that Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life.” However, we live within a culture where people consider it arrogant, narrow-minded, and bigoted for Christians to contend that the only path to God must go through Jesus of Nazareth. The exclusive claim of Christianity is viewed as politically incorrect, a verbal slap in the face of other religions and beliefs. We must be ready to provide answers to this tough question. This seminar will not focus on quoting Bible verses that re-affirm the Bible’s teaching on this topic. Instead, it provide straightforward and reasonable answers to this difficult question.

“IS ETERNAL PUNISHMENT (HELL) FAIR?” Hell is one of the most clearly taught yet deeply disturbing doctrines within the pages of Scripture. The concept of eternally punishing a person for the sins of one lifetime seems extreme. Visions of torture, fire, punishment, and excruciating pain don’t seem to be consistent with the God of love. Regardless of whether you are a churchgoer, a thinker, or a skeptic you probably have struggled with the concept of hell. The modern culture in America probably struggles with the concept of hell more than most. We live in a culture that believes all religions are true and that mankind is essentially good deserving heaven. For those reasons–it’s harder than ever for modern man to accept the idea of hell. At some point, a friend, family, or co-worker will challenge our belief in hell. In those moments, we must know what to say.

“THE RESURRECTION: MYTH OR MIRACLE?” This message/seminar provides the latest and most effective evidence for discussing the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. This seminar will provide a visual, easy to understand and effective strategy for communicating the evidence & reality of the resurrection. At the end of this seminar you will be able to provide tangible evidence that anyone can understand to make the case that the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is the most reasonable explanation for the basic facts regarding the death and burial of Jesus and the claims by His followers that they saw Him after His death. Imagine yourself in the jury room and you are asked to give a verdict beyond a reasonable doubt—that is what this seminar will prepare you to do.

“FACING END OF LIFE ISSUES WITH A LOVED ONE” In a recent Pew Research Center report it was revealed that nearly 5 out of every 10 adults have had a close friend or relative face a terminal illness or coma within the past five years. When a family faces these situations–multiple issues come crashing into their life like the heartbreak of losing a loved one, the hardship of medical bills, and the uncertainty of medical decisions. On top of all this, people are grappling with the reality of heaven and how they can lessen the suffering of the one they love. Needless to say, too many people are ill-prepared to face these moments. In this seminar the following questions are discussed:

  • When is it morally permissible to terminate life-support?
  • Is there a difference between killing & allowing someone to die?
  • How does ‘sanctity of life’ & ‘dignity of life’ impact our viewpoint of the aging?
  • What is the Christian perspective on pain, suffering, & death?
  • What practical tools are available to prepare families for the death of a loved one?

“HOMOSEXUALITY & SAME-SEX MARRIAGE” Our culture has thoroughly embraced the reality of both homosexuality and same-sex marriage. As states continue to authorize the legality of same-sex marriage, churches are under increasing pressure to conform to political & societal pressure. At the same time pastors, leaders and ordinary Christians seem ill-prepared to articulate the Biblical position within the modern-world. This special 2-hour seminar is designed to help pastors, leaders and thoughtful Christians an opportunity to provide a thoughtful, compassionate yet clarifying approach that will assist church leadership on these two polarizing issues.

If Dr. Brent Strawsburg comes to your church he will provide the following resources:

  • Publicity for all messages/seminars
  • Message notes or Syllabus
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Insight/Advice on strategizes for apologetics within the church
  • Apologetic Resources

All of Dr. Brent’s materials provide the highest quality graphics and technology to engage the listener throughout the presentation. Brent has assembled a team of gifted professionals to put together a Syllabus & PowerPoint that accompanies every seminar/message. His website contains examples (PDF, PPT & MP3 Sound & MP4 Video) of practical and engaging seminars & messages.